Testimonial - Furniture

Larry Kozin,
iDeal Furniture
Since 1995, David and ITEX have been an integral part of my business plan, which also has given me better quality in my personal life. My wife and I use ITEX at gourmet restaurants as well as for sandwiches & pizza. I sent my Mom on a luxury cruise to the Caribbean on 100% ITEX, and use ITEX for pool service, landscaping, maid service, carpet cleaning, handyman, IT services, physician, dentist and optometrist. l was able to cater my wedding several years ago and prior to that had an ITEX attorney handle my last divorce. I have used ITEX attorneys for very important legal work. I’ve used ITEX for advertising campaigns that have generated tons of CASH. I bought a truck on ITEX and sold it for CASH. I bought a fixer house, purchased all the trees and landscaping through ITEX then sold it for CASH. I have tried other barter companies, HOWEVER, not one can compare with the service, honesty and professionalism I receive from David Heller. Now, I only trade through ITEX