Testimonial - Water Treatment

Mike Paice,
Good Water Company
I've been in the water treatment business since 1983, and I learned the benefits of trading for needed products and services, rather than using cash. I joined David Heller's Las Vegas ITEX office in 1991, and since that time, ITEX has created an additional $400,000 in sales, while assisting me in offsetting an equal amount of cash expenses. I also joined a couple of other barter networks but came to realize that there is no comparison. No other barter company can match the varied member base or the fantastic service offered by David's office. The ITEX dollar is rock solid, as they are the largest company in their field. I came to appreciate this the hard way, when one of the trade companies I joined went out of business, leaving me with worthless trade dollars. I no longer trade through any other company. David Heller's integrity in unsurpassed in the business world. His office is extremely knowledgeable and attentive to clients, and he can make you more profitable.