Testimonial - Carpet Cleaning

Glen Toussaint,
That Cleaning Service
I have been a member of ITEX with David Heller in Las Vegas since 2003. ITEX has provided me with; advertising, business cards, flyers, holiday cards, auto repairs, oil changes, a trade mark lawyer, signs, tax preparation, gift baskets, employee uniforms, company dinners, background checks, answering service, text marketing program, trash removal, and pool cleaning. Personally, ITEX has provided; suits, jewelry, a water filter, facials, massages, numerous show tickets, numerous beach condo rentals, HVAC service, numerous restaurant meals, hair styling, manicures, kid's party magicians, party catering, optometrist and eye wear, picture framing, photographers, a lawyer, dentists, dating service for a friend, perfume, flowers, coffee, furniture, house cleaning, art classes, and paintings. When my wife and I got married in Hawaii, David got us our rings, teeth whitening, photographer, sailing lessons, booze cruise, and custom made jewelry for my wife & our wedding party.