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ITEX, publicly-traded and founded in 1982, is the Nation's largest Business to Business Barter Network, with 70+ offices and 23,000 businesses as clients.

ITEX has been a valuable tool to make tens of thousands of businesses more profitable. After 29 years of brokering deals for our clients, we know the businesses that will benefit most from our service, so if we initiate contact with you, there's a 100% probability that we can increase your sales.  ITEX doesn't work in every situation, but when our platform makes sense for a business, it results in our clients saving thousands to millions of dollars annually.

So what is it that we do? In a word, we bring you more currency. Ok, five words.

You work to earn U.S. currency, correct? - Probably not. Unless you're wallpapering with it, the end result of your work is not the currency; it's what you purchase with currency. So if you work to pay a mortgage or to pay office rent or if you work to eat, to purchase clothing, advertising, janitorial services, Internet services, signage, construction work, medical services, dental work, furniture, legal work, auto repair, show and concert tickets, restaurant meals, vacations and a ton of other necessary and entertaining things, doesn't it make sense to let us bring you the extra currency to pay for them?

We provide the platform for member businesses to sell goods and services, in return for ITEX trade dollars, which are then spent on goods & services from the other 23,000 ITEX members currently in our business community. Our clients are issued an ITEX checking account and checkbook and use their checkbook and mobile app to make purchases within the network. The ITEX Corporation provides accounting information and access to an online directory, detailed transaction history and other account information.

We facilitate 200 million dollars in trade transactions annually. ITEX is the other money.

David Heller started building the Las Vegas ITEX Marketplace in 1991. Since then, the office has seen billions of trade dollars change hands and has increased the sales and added to the bottom line of thousands of businesses.

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