Our Team - David Heller


I was fascinated with business from a very early age. Growing up, my 108-year-old family risk management company provided the source of incalculable stories of start-ups that became huge in real estate, manufacturing and retail. I always loved going to work with my father, and after college, I spent 11 years in the business before moving to Las Vegas. It was only natural that I would fall in love with the B2B Barter industry. I not only have the opportunity to learn about the operations and needs of hundreds of businesses, I'm able to increase their bottom line and enhance the lifestyles of the owners.

I began by selling memberships for the Vegas office, then became a partner of ITEX in Las Vegas in 1991 and bought out my partner in 1994. Las Vegas is a transient town, and twenty-five barter offices have opened and closed here since 1990, each one leaving a wake of unhappy members holding worthless currency. Despite the "bad will" created by those failures in Las Vegas, ITEX and I prevail.

As our reputation hinges in part on the performance of our members, the quality of our members is far more important than the quantity. We're always prospecting and adding new members, but we don't want everyone. Consequentially, my sales presentation is every bit as much as an interview and I never hesitate to walk away from a potential member if I perceive they won't live up to my standards. Additionally, buyers in our network receive a survey to rate the seller in their transaction, and I will close an account of a member who lessens the experience of others. My personal motto is "under-promise, over-deliver and maintain a high level of integrity". By walking that walk and being selective, I've created a member base that predominantly does the same.

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